GLITCH | ɡliCH / noun
a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity

Focused on embracing the error - GLLLITCHED is a photo series that "digitally alters reality", in turn creating new realities and perceptions of space. The series was created and is maintained by Lindsay Schragen, an architect/designer currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. All of the photos are originally taken by Lindsay, unless otherwise noted. 

"All That We See or Seem is But a Dream Within a Dream"
-Edgar Allen Poe

The concept was born while studying for her Masters of Architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, she was in a studio that focused on glitch in architecture. The idea of finding and creating error in everyday life truly stuck - and she ran with it. Naturally an avid photographer, the images you see are meaningful to Lindsay's everyday life - documenting mostly urban + natural landscapes, the core of most images probably have some deeper meaning. Whether it be of a city she lives in or a building she is inspired by, GLLLITCHED stays true to her natural perception of design, space, and habitat.

Please submit a form via the "Shop" page, or send Lindsay an email at, if you are interested in prints, and be sure to follow @GLLLITCHED on Instagram for updates.